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live performances and dj sets

Nov 29th, 2023: Live with Mikael Ogren at S:t Johannes Church, Malmo

Oct 21st, 2023: Live with Mikael Ogren and Miranda Magdalena at S:t Pauli Church, Malmo

Oct 7th, 2023: DJing at Beat Box Hbg italo disco festival, Helsingborg

Nov 4th, 2022: DJing at Italians Do It Better night on Pitchfork Music Festival, Berlin

Jun 25th, 2022: Live with Mikael Ogren at Halvoya festival, Kristiansand

Oct 2nd, 2018: Revolting, lab.oratory, Berghain, Berlin

Oct 7th, 2016: Club Affection, Krischan, Lund

Oct 24th, 2015: DJing before Jaakko Eino Kalevi @ Mejeriet, Lund

Oct 10th, 2015: Live at the Halla Lada festival, Hassleholm

May 14th, 2015: Back to the 80s @ Club Lyset, Krischan, Lund

Mar 18th, 2015: Back to the 80s @ Club Lyset, Krischan, Lund

Jan 10th, 2015: Examensfest @ Helsingkrona, Lund

Sep 26th, 2014: Back to the 80s @ Club Lyset, Krischan, Lund

May 31st, 2014: Examensfest @ Krischan, Lund

Apr 25th, 2014: Back to the 80s @ Club Lyset, Krischan, Lund

March 7th, 2014: Back to the 80s @ Club Lyset, Krischan, Lund

Jan 11th, 2014: Examensfest @ Krischan, Lund

May 23rd, 2013: John Doe @ Ryds Herrgård, Linköping (with Young Galaxy)

Apr 20th, 2013: Club Arkham @ 390 Bar, Shanghai

July 14th, 2012: Elektrana Stage @ Exit Festival, Novi Sad

May 11th, 2012: Club Tracasseur @ Le Trabendo, Paris

Sep 2nd, 2011: Club Heartbeats @ Blekingska Nation, Lund

August 13th, 2011: Razzmatazz, Barcelona

July 23rd, 2011: Heineken Style Nuggets, Turku

Apr 2nd, 2011: Dalarnas Nation, Lund

July 3rd, 2010: Razzmatazz, Barcelona

February 6th, 2010: The Disco @ SQ klub, Poznan

January 9th, 2010: Snap @ Kolingsborg, Stockholm

December 19th, 2009: Razzmatazz, Barcelona

November 7th, 2009: Klub Metro, Bialystok

September 11th, 2009: Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

July 31st, 2009: L'Ete @ Orange, Uppsala

January 16th, 2009: Bum Bum @ Rose Garden, Helsinki

December 13th, 2008: Skoldisco @ Röda Sten, Göteborg

November 21st, 2008: The Breakfast Club @ Bonden Bar, Stockholm

October 25th, 2008: Exalt Exalt, Nottingham

October 24th, 2008: The Garden, London

August 23rd, 2008: Fingerspitzengefühl, Brussels

July 26th, 2008: UMF Festival, Turku

photo by Pentti Jaatinen

May 17th, 2008: 24 hours @ Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm

May 2nd, 2008: The Prom @ Debaser, Malmö (with Sally Shapiro)

March 7th, 2008: Mercury Lounge, New York City (with Sally Shapiro)

photos by Will Joines, Pitchfork

March 6th, 2008: PLUG Awards, New York City (with Sally Shapiro)

March 4th, 2008: Wrongbar, Toronto (with Sally Shapiro)

Feb 9th, 2008: Skoldisco @ Röda Sten, Gothenburg (DJ set at Sally Shapiro release party)

Feb 2nd, 2008: SimCity 2000 @ Nolla, Helsinki

July 15th, 2006: live at ToToGo earphones festival, Gothenburg

On July 15th, I played live at the ToToGo earphones festival in Gothenburg. An earphone festival works like this: everybody listens to the music in earphones, apart from that the performing space is completely silent. Some of the participants of the festival performed their shows from other parts of the world via the net. The festival took place in an apartment in Gothenburg, but you were able to listen to it live via the net.

More images from the festival here.

Johan Agebjörn• •ToToGo



May 12th 2006: DJ set at Disco Maniac, Gothenburg

On May 12th, during the release party of Sally Shapiro "I'll be by your side", I played my favourite italo disco records in a DJ set. The whole thing was part of the italo disco club Disco Maniac in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Review by Pål, Norway:
After an introductory interview by "Baby Boy", "I'll be by your side" thundered out of the loudspeakers and a wave went through the crowd.....a wonderful vibe was set, which were to last all through the night. The dancefloor was jam-packed with dancing happy people, and hm me and Lady of Ize really hit it off out there. One golden gem after another, perfectly mixed together, made me not want to leave the dancefloor, so my friend Alex provided my beers...that's what friends are for lol.

Photo: Frida Klingberg



Feburary 12th, 2006: live at Lilla Scenen, Linköping

Johan Agebjörn • •Johan Agebjörn Lisa Andrén

My first live performance took place in Linköping, Sweden, together with the singer Lisa Andrén, in a small and cosy venue called "Lilla Scenen" on February 16th, 2006. We were very satisfied afterwards and regional TV broadcast about two minutes of the track "Unitas vitae" in the news program "Östnytt".

Lisa Andrén Johan Agebjörn • •Johan Agebjörn

Johan Agebjörn• •Lisa Andrén

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Recordings from the concert:

Bronkus karp [full length track, 6.7 MB]
Unitas vitae [sample only due to broken recording, 2.0 MB]

Sorry about the lousy sound quality - I only had a tape-recorder to make the recording with...


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