Johan Agebjörn - ”Too much time and too many toys”

”Really a strong track, I love it”
• •Björn a.k.a. Feldfunker

1-track mp3 floppy disk single
T ime:
Channel: M
Bitrate: 69 kbps (mono equivalent of 138 kbps stereo)
File size: 1.35 MB
Edition: 40 numbered copies (1-10 Mac formatted, 11-40 PC formatted)
Release date: August 4th, 2006
Cat. no.:
Price: 2 euro plus p&p (Sweden 11 SEK, Europe 2 euro, rest of the world 3 euro)
Payment: Cash or PayPal
Order: from husmus at johanagebjorn dot info (don't forget to state Mac or PC format)

”Too much time and too many toys” is a dry, funky, blip blop/8bit/demoscene/chip music/computer game music track. It's based on samples from the LinnDrum drum machine, which have been bitchopped and distorted beyond recognition, as well as some blipping synths and computer game samples. An earlier version of the track was played on various Internet radio stations in 2005 (The Kids are Bored, CBS, Welt-am-Draht).

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