F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

(not that anyone has asked anything but...)

What is Husmus Media?

Husmus Media is a label primarily dedicated to releasing music by Johan Agebjörn and Sally Shapiro in limited editions for those who are interested.

Why is it called Husmus Media?

Because there were a lot of mice in the house where Johan Agebjörn lived during 2004-2006 (see below). For a long time, the mice where the only living beings listening to the music. They also gave feedback to the music by gnawing at the cords of the computer when they didn't like it. ”Husmus” is Swedish for ”housemouse”, and since the label might release other stuff than music and records, we decided to call the label Husmus Media.

Who made your logo?

Toivo Jokkala.

Why is your first release, ”Too much time and too many toys” only released on the uncommon format 3.5” floppy disk ?

We think that the format is just right for this type of retro computer game music. Being a computer game-sounding track, it didn't suffer by being reduced to mp3 format. Finally, releasing 3 minutes of music on a CD that can hold 80 minutes of music, is quite a waste of disk space - like buying a pizza in a ten-metre wide carton!

Can I send you a demo?

You can, but bear in mind that our aim is only to release music by Johan Agebjörn. However, if you're a new Aphex Twin then we might concider to put your stuff out. But we send no promos and stuff, so a good question is why you really would want to send a demo.

Why do you say ”we” all the time, when you're probably just run by Johan himself?

Erm, because it makes us sound more professional...

What do you mean by ”high-quality cultural manifestations”?